My name is Emily.

I love people in love.

I cry at every wedding.

I own a striped umbrella. Everyone should.

I love my pug. His name is Edward.

I dream of having a house with enough closet hooks for my scarves and hats.

Laughing is great.

I believe there is nothing better than a day with the people you love.

And I absolutely love to take photos.

And this is my blog. Expect to see people in love, expect to laugh and read, and expect to see what I love and why I love it! Welcome to my blog. I am glad you are here.

A few weeks ago I had the spunk in me to ask two of my favorite creative friends to collaborate on a came as a random idea of something fun to do in the dead of winter and turned into something so much more that I had ever expected. Bethany from b*spoke, whom I have known since college and traveled across the oceans with, along with Dena, another friend from college and all around crafty girl who is an unbelievable graphic designer, both decided to help me on this wild endeavor that I had casually suggested via e-mail one afternoon. Little did I know that the combination of our three creative brains would be so much fun and rewarding! :)

We got together one afternoon to brainstorm, think and try and see if this was even possible to pull off in the matter of 2 weeks! And man did our brains start to spin. Beth posted some behind-the-scenes photos and thoughts on her blog today of where, why and how to this little Valentine weekend of fun came together!

This styled shoot, much to our surprise, got posted on Style Me Pretty earlier this week with raves coming from many many people. It was overwhelming. And awesome. Getting encouragement from people you don't know, people you have just met and having the feeling that you are doing something worth while in your life is so rewarding. I am not trying to argue that styling a shoot is my life's goal, but rather living with creativity, laughing with friends and doing what I love is becoming more evident to me as time passes.

I have to say a GINORMOUS shout out to the amazing vendors that helped us, loaned us items and gave us some trust to come along side us:
Event Design: Bethany Hway
Photography: Emily Steffen Photography
Styled by: Bethany Hway, Dena Swenson and Emily Steffen
Paper Elements: Dena Swenson
Floral: Ginger Floral Design
Bouquets: Jillians Etsy Store
Bridal Attire and amazing fur shawl: Che Bella
Grooms attire: second hand/vintage
Hair and Makeup: Lindsay Schlotte

Vintage-Valentine-266.jpgVintage-Valentine-304.jpg Vintage-Valentine-details.jpg Vintage-Valentine-flowersMo.jpg Vintage-Valentine-details10.jpg Vintage-Valentine-209.jpg Vintage-Valentine-candy.jpg Vintage-Valentine-146.jpg Vintage-Valentine-077.jpg Vintage-Valentine-pies.jpg Vintage-Valentine-033.jpg Vintage-Valentine-monica.jpg Vintage-Valentine-details2.jpg Vintage-Valentine-283.jpg Vintage-Valentine-177.jpg Vintage-Valentine-details5.jpg Vintage-Valentine-101.jpg Vintage-Valentine-details6.jpg Vintage-valentine-details8.jpg Vintage-Valentine-candy2.jpg Vintage-Valentine-195.jpg Vintage-Valentine-246.jpg
Vintage-Valentine-details4.jpg Vintage-Valentine-309.jpg Vintage-Valentine-details09.jpg Vintage-Valentine-monicaluk.jpg Vintage-Valentine-150.jpg Vintage-Valentine-details7.jpg Vintage-Valentine-298.jpg

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Laura Ivanova says:


(02.24.10 @ 6:17PM)
devin joesting says:

I know I already commented on these pictures elsewhere, but seriously, iI want this wedding to be real so I can go to it!!!!!

(02.24.10 @ 6:47PM)
Jennifer Ballard says:

So amazing Emily! Wowzers!

(02.24.10 @ 6:56PM)
becky g says:

Emily, this turned out amazing! Everyone that pitched in did an awesome job!!! love the details! Nice job in only 2 weeks!!! :)

(02.25.10 @ 7:56AM)
Katie [kage imagery] says:

Wow, Emily!!! These are SO SO awesome! Love everything about them. The wide shot of the four of them in front of the barn is killer.

(02.25.10 @ 9:43PM)
Emily Drager says:

Unbelievable - you're amazing!

(02.26.10 @ 6:07PM)
Vickey Weiss says:

amazing!!!! beautiful work!!!!

(03. 1.10 @ 11:36AM)
matthew brue says:

seriously, amazing. call me next time and i will help too!

(03. 2.10 @ 10:49AM)
Linda says:

SO beautiful! Makes me almost miss the Winter and snow. :)

(03.19.10 @ 9:42PM)
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...AND I about peed my pants when I found out the our Vintage Valentine styled shoot got featured this afternoon on the amazing blog, Style Me Pretty! :) The ever-so-awesome Dena Swenson and Bethany Hway of b*spoke and I put our heads together a few weeks ago to do something "fun" this dead winter season....and THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED! I guess when you dream big and have fun in the process amazing things can happen!

I wish share more later this week but for now, check out the blog post and leave a little love for Abby at Style Me Pretty!!!

Vintage-Valentine-129.jpg Vintage-Valentine-monicaluk.jpg
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amy boring says:

Well done! happy dancing with you!

(02.22.10 @ 2:06PM)
Dawn Marquart says:

Emily, saw your awesome photography on StyleMePretty! I never knew Mom's and Grandma's dishes could look so beautiful. The memories that they brought back were wonderful. I so love how you see ordinary things through your artists eyes and make them a thing of beauty to treasure. Blessings. Dawn Marie

(02.22.10 @ 3:59PM)
Melissa Bart says:

You and your entourage are spectacular! I checked out all the links you provided above. You all should be very proud. I am forever in love with your style.

Congratulations on the recognition. You deserve it!

(02.23.10 @ 9:56AM)
amber Strickler says:

have I told you yet today how awesome you are???

(02.24.10 @ 12:36PM)
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I had ideas of traveling a day early and staying a day late while on my mini-vacay to Orange County Cali in January for that amazing Sylelab workshop. I envisioned walking along the beach, reading books while the sun beat down on my face, sipping cold Lemonade and taking in some much needed Vitamin D from those rays! Doesn't that sound perfect? And it sounded even more perfect after the blizzard-mania that we had just before Christmas.....

WELLLLLL...if any of you watched the news in January you heard stories upon stories of the massive amount of abnormal rain and winds that southern California was getting. Mudslides, hurricane-type-winds, street flooding, umbrella-whipping-through-the-sky kind of weather... And, of course, this was at the brink of my trip. Awesome! Needless to say I still had an amazing Emily-only vacay with many glasses of wine and much relaxing at the ever-so-wonderful La Casa Del Camino hotel in Laguna Beach ! :)

Although, the first day I got there I was able to see the sun peaking through the clouds for about 30 minutes just as the sun was setting so I immediately strapped on my camera and took a walk along Laguna beach and explored the amazing artist community!

Cali-ocean.jpgCali-proofs-072.jpg Cali-proofs-033.jpg cali-grid.jpg Cali-proofs-051.jpg Cali-proofs-027.jpg Cali-chairsgun.jpg Cali-proofs-061.jpg cali-ocean2.jpg Cali-proofs-097.jpg Cali-ocean-triptic.jpg

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sara montour says:

love these images so much! the energy of the beach will steal my heart every . single . time!

(02.18.10 @ 12:04PM)
Anda says:

I love Laguna so much and these images take me right back!!!!

(02.18.10 @ 12:11PM)
Jen Schultz says:

Wow... it's like taking a mini vacation just looking at these. I bet this was an awesome trip!

(02.18.10 @ 3:07PM)
Brittany Wiitala says:

Love your pictures!

(02.19.10 @ 6:50AM)
Shay says:

Looking at the world through your eyes is always so fun. Thanks for these photos, Em. Love you!

(02.19.10 @ 8:48PM)
vicley weiss says:

these images are sooooo them

(03. 3.10 @ 11:34AM)
vicley weiss says:

ps...did you use a TS Lens or a Lensbaby for some of these?

(03. 3.10 @ 11:36AM)
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Elesia.jpgI love meeting new friends. Especially friends that can challenge me and who really want to understand how I see the world. Friends that can be remarkable with me.....and that is sooooo sooo how Eliesa is (Ms. Photogen Inc to many of you!) :)

She came over last week and she shared. To to say that I had the time of my life would be an understatement. We shared coffee, fears, inspiration, stories, ideas and even some Brie for lunch. We talked about the photography industry, crafting (all because of my obsession of course), social media, and blogs. And we tried to wrap our minds around what makes our life was rad. Simply rad.

Eliesa gave me the kick-in-the-pants I so desperately needed to launch myself into this 2010 year. We made goals, not just clean-the-house and walk-the-dog-tomorrow goals but LOFTY ones....big ones (in my eyes). I was able to dream about my large house on a farm someday with many pugs and an abundance of gardens....we talked about what makes me happy and who I am at the core of Emily. Gol, It was awesome!
Love-E-consult-018.jpg Love-E-books.jpg
I really, whole-heartedly believe that photography is just a piece of how I see the world...a piece among knitting, sewing, crafting, attempting to cook, gardening, and loving! I LOVE that I am able to make my living at a job that I am head-over-heals about and I also LOVE that being an artist is something that I am able to do every day.......

It wasn't surprising that I saw MY FAVORITE quote from Henry Moore in Eliesa's little book....
Love-E-consult-019.jpg Love-E-quotes.jpg Love-E-triptic.jpg
If you are ever in need of a good conversation, Eliesa is your girl! Her business is thriving and she is inspirational to her core! Thank you E for everything you shared.....myself and my business are better because of our time together! :) Honestly.

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Anda says:

And we want the same kind of house -- on a farm with gardens. Oh man.
Sounds like you had an amazing time with Eliesa. Awesome.

(02.16.10 @ 3:33PM)
amber Strickler says:

i love these! you have far too much talent! it's sick, really.

(02.16.10 @ 6:04PM)
Devin Joesting says:

There is so much I love about this post! I love that artist quote, I totally am using it for something. LOVE that photo button at the end, and LOVE all the photos, duh! And I love you of course!

(02.18.10 @ 12:24PM)
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Red Wing wedding, St James hotel Wedding, Red Wing wedding photographer
Hattie and Dave COULD NOT have asked for a more perfect February day to celebrate their vows! The sky was clear (most of the day that is) the sun was partially out and the temps hit a balmy 20 degrees....a good day, in my mind, for a Minnesota wedding! :)

Their intimate wedding ceremony led way to a larger party upstairs at the St. James hotel as guests were greeted with hugs from the bride and groom and a tower of delish cupcakes at the reception! Hattie's details were wonderful with her purple, ivory and brown color palette and custom truffle boxes for guests as they left the party! She was even thrifty enough to find her designer Sophia Tolli wedding gown on craigslist for half the price of retail! :) I was impressed! :)

Every guest grinned ear to ear as they got greeted by Hattie and Dave at the reception doors---their love was contagious and their personalities perfect for each other! :)

getting-ready.jpg Hattie-and-Dave-036.jpg Hattie-and-Dave-016.jpg Hattie-and-Dave-044.jpg Hattie-and-Dave-024.jpg Hattie-and-Dave-027.jpg Hattie-and-Dave-flowersdres.jpg Hattie-and-Dave-014.jpg Hattie-and-Dave-050.jpg Hattie-and-Dave-kissing.jpg
details4.jpg Hattie-and-Dave-061.jpg Hattie-and-Dave-062.jpg
Hattie-and-Dave-details.jpg details2.jpg Hattie-and-Dave-086.jpg details3.jpg laughing.jpg Hattie-and-Dave-075.jpg

My *favorite* part of the night is when we went over (across the hall) to Jimmy's Pub where Hattie and Dave had their first date almost 2 years ago to the day! :) We just HAD to snap a few at "the table" where they first laid eyes on one another! :)
Hattie-and-Dave-093.jpg Hattie-and-Dave-096.jpg dancing.jpg
Hattie and Dave's amazing vendors! :)
Reception and Ceremony site: St. James Hotel in Red Wing, MN
Hair and Makeup: Indigo Salon
Dress: Sophia Toli
Florist: Ardesign
Cupcakes: Hanisch Bakery

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amber Strickler says:

Oh Emily! Simply Amazing!!!

(02.11.10 @ 12:20PM)
Tom Ward says:

these are great emily! love them!

(02.11.10 @ 1:02PM)
Anonymous says:

We love these pictures, they look great!! We can't wait to see the rest of them.

(02.14.10 @ 2:38PM)
Amy Hoyer says:

Great Pictures, absolutely beautiful!

(02.15.10 @ 8:21AM)
brenda plote says:

the most bueatiful bride ever the pics r wonderful what a perfect day

(02.15.10 @ 11:36AM)
Meta A Baylor says:

What a stunning couple! Well documented and stylishly put together with a fantastic format! Well done!

(02.18.10 @ 3:22PM)
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